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Another Great Military Shoot!

NTS hosted another fun military shoot. We had great weather and a decent turnout.

Very tight competition! Only 1 point margin of victory for 1st place and 1x to break a tie for 2nd place in the Original Division!

Highest score of the day: Tyler Wells, 80

Coolest Military Rifle:

Garrett Rifenburgh - 1884 Springfield .45-70


100yd Bullseye. 5 shots off-hand, 5 shots sitting or kneeling.

100 point maximum.


Original Configuration Division:

1st: Dan Casey 79 Springfield.30-40 Krag

2nd: Joe Kelly 78 1x Springfield M1A

3rd: Rob Dadekian 78 0x Mosin Nagant 91/30

Modified Division:

1st: Tyler Wells 80 M1 Carbine

2nd: Sean McCarty 00 [Un-zeroed] SKS

AR-15 Division:

1st: Tarry Marsh 76

2nd: Tyler Wells 75

3rd: Dennis Debonis 65

Gong Masters

Dennis Debonis, Tyler Wells

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