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Action Pistol League @ NTSRGC!

That's right! Action pistol is coming to North Troy Stag!

Come out and have fun.There will be categories for just about any handgun you own – from stock to lightly modified.If you have a gun and a holster, we’ll find a place for you

NTS Action Shooting is considered to be a style which employs many parts of various handgun shooting disciplines with elements of Practical Pistol, ISPC, USPSA, and IDPA. NTS Action Shooting is its own entity in the sport of pistol shooting. However, NTS Action Shooting utilizes many of the safety protocols, Course of Fire (COF) designs, techniques, and target types as other shooting disciplines.

Eye and ear protection required for all shooters and spectators. No food or beverages available on site. So bring your own!!

NOTE: this is a cold range. Unpacking and packing of firearms must be done in a designated safe area with a safety officer (SO) present.

SCHEDULE: Tuesdays starting in late April, weather permitting.

Entry fee: $5.00 Entry Fee

Shoot info: 5:45PM Mandatory Safety Meeting; 6PM Start on Tuesdays End of April weather permitted

Please click the document link below to review the shoot format, rules, and SAFETY REQUIREMENTS

NTS Action Shooting Flyer
Download PDF • 356KB

For more info contact these event organizers:

Joe Labounty 518-810-4875 Gary Hebert 518-441-8163 Jeff Geene 518-857-0619

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