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Action Pistol / Travel League


Announced at the October Member Meeting, Gary Hebert, Jeff Geene, and Joe Labounty are going to begin hosting some "IDPA"-like action pistol shoots. For those not familiar with Steel Challenge or IDPA, these are timed pistol shoots that occur forward of the firing line and usually involve some movement. Pistols are drawn from a holster or table and shots are directed at paper silhouette or steel gong targets.

There is an Open House meet up Saturday 10/24 @ 9am at the pistol range, naturally.

These matches are typically shot with centerfire semis or revolvers. 9mm, .380 or above.

Bring a few boxes of ammo, you will typically shoot 50-100 rounds.

These shoots are for fun and are not full-blown sanctioned events but safety is still very important. You must be reasonably familiar with your firearm, be able to perform mag/cartridge changes without assistance, and be comfortable drawing from a holster and firing on the move. That said, all are welcome and accommodations will be made for those who do not have holsters.

The first event is free, so come on down!

Monday Travel League

Due to COVID-19, there will be a Monday "Postal" League. No travel to clubs planned for this season. Shooters will shoot their match at NTS and then scores/targets will be mailed in for tallying. See or call Gary Hebert for more information. 518-663-5463

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