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Calendar Feature

We finally have a calendar on this website...

To use it click the Calendar link on the home page.

There are also a few ways to use this other than coming to this website.

Here is the page:

Bookmark it. Once you open the Calendar page, add it to your Favorites or bookmark it.

There are lots of ways to do that. In Chrome or Edge click the star (or star+).

Add NTS Calendar to Your Google Calendar.

This is incredibly easy and highly recommended, if you have a Gmail account. Gmail provides a calendar, if you were not aware. You can add the NTS calendar to your calendar so you will see club events mixed in with your stuff. Cool!

Just click this Subscribe link or on a phone the "+Google Calendar" icon on the lower right of the calendar page.

Download the Google Calendar app to your phone and you will always have NTS events one thumb-press away.

I want a monthly view not a list. Just click the Month tab on the upper right of the calendar. It looks awful on a phone so that's why you get a list initially.

Where is my event? How can I get an event on the calendar?

We will be happy to post club related events. Post a comment via the Contact Us form.

Why am I seeing LGBTQ+ and Juneteenth Events on the NTS Calendar?

Holiday events are published by Google, we have no control over what they celebrate. Please direct your comments to them.


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