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Military Shoot Rundown

We had a great turn out to our Military rifle shoot last weekend and a lot of good competition. Congrats to all of our winners. Original configuration: 1st Tom Kelly 72 2nd Dan Casey 71 3rd Rob Dadekian 70 Modified 1st Winston Heslop Jr 70 2nd Tyler Wells 68 3rd Dave Anderson 48 AR15 1st Tyler Wells 82 2nd Colin Cao 73 3rd John Faden 72 Revolver 1st Tyler Wells 136 3x 2nd Tarry Marsh 108 0x 3rd John McCarty 107 0x Semi auto Pistol 1st Paul Agneta 136 2x 2nd John Faden 136 1x 3rd Rob Dadekian 134 2x

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