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Outdoor Pistol 1800 to Wrap Season Oct. 3rd

It's been a great season for outdoor pistol shooting at NTS. Many thanks to Jeff Geene and Joe LaBounty for their efforts bringing in a new activity for our members.

Paul Agneta is organizing an outdoor 900 series for both rimfire and centerfire. Here's a message from Paul on the event. Please RSVP ASAP!

Hello shooters,

Outdoor Precision Pistol is coming to an end this year. But before it does,

We wanted to invite you to an 1800 outdoor match being held at the North Troy Stag Rod & Gun Club on Sunday October 3rd starting at 10:30am - Rain or Shine.

Match will consist of a 22cal. 900 and a Centerfire 900

You could also shoot 22 cal for the entire match if you prefer.

We are limiting the amount of ports so please let me know ASAP if your interested.

Cost for entire match will be $10

No food will be available at club so Please bring your own lunch.

Some of you have asked previously if you’d be able to shoot just a 900.

If you would please let me know when you respond, I would need to know that ahead of time. We are trying to fill the lane assignments for the entire match. Hi

Look forward to seeing you on the line.

Remember think X’s

Paul A.

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