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Squares Raffle Time!

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Congratulations, Jeff Lasek! Our rifle range mowing and target backer repairman wins the Cabela's Grill/Smoker with square 9x9. (NY Numbers 12/19 Evening was 9-6-9.)

We will be in touch, Jeff!

Thank you all for playing. New squares pools will resume after COVID restrictions relax a little and clubhouse activities pick up again.

- Joe Kelly


It's time to pick the winner of the Cabela's Pellet Grill/Smoker.

Some lucky person will be getting a nice gift to put under their tree!

Drawing Date: Friday 12/18/2020

Evening NY Lottery Draw will determine the winner.

Update: Evening NY Numbers Drawing 12/18 was 2-2-6

Row 2, Column 6 is a "Ho-ho-ho!" spot so no winner yet, we will get another chance tomorrow night!

Note: There are six "Ho-Ho-Ho" spots on the board. If the winning number lands on a "Ho!" square, we all get another chance. Drawing will move to the next Evening Number draw, Saturday 12/19/2020. The process will continue until we have a winner. Winner will be contacted and announced here.


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