Trap 2022

Trap 2022

Sunday trap begins 4/25 10am start. We go until we have no shooters.

Weds trap will begin Weds 5/25 4:30p

$4.00 per round of 25 birds.

We shoot a standard 25 bird trap format: 5 person squads (usually), 5 shots per station, rotate 5 stations...

No loading until your turn comes up. One round loaded per turn unless shooting doubles format.

Keep actions open while carrying shotguns from vehicle to racks.

Hull catchers aren't required but are highly recommended for semi-auto shooters.

We have pattern boards available if you want to check your shotgun, chokes, ..or your aim. Available anytime but we ask that you schedule this well before or after the trap times mentioned above.

Any questions please email

Phil Hembdt or Joe Janak


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