Traps Closes Nov.15th / Fun-Shoot Recap

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Trap Winding Down

Open Trap continues for the next couple weeks and final shoot is Sunday 11/15 @ 10a

It's been another great season of fun shooting, introducing new-comers to the sport, and raising funds for our club.

Many thanks to our Trap Co-Chairs, Phil Hembdt and Joe Janak, for keeping things running so smoothly. And thanks also to the many club members who regularly help fill the house, keep score, pick up, mow, and otherwise pitch in.


For this year's fun shoot, held 9/27, Sean McCarty arranged a "Flurry" type event to challenge trap shooters. Garrett Riffenburg and John McCarty worked with Sean on the presentations and thrower setup.

The guys got pretty creative using both trap houses, remote throwers, and the nearby hillside to launch 35 clays from just about every direction. It was challenging and fun. A good crowd showed up and the event raised funds for the club.

In the end the event host, Sean McCarty took first place, Garrett Rifenburg took 2nd, and Joe Janak took 3rd.

Thanks go to Tarry Marsh, Joe Janak, and Phil Hembdt for helping score and launch birds.

It's hard to see the clays but there's video down below of Jared Chapko giving it go.

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