Work Party 4/30 @ 8am

All members are expected to show their love of the club from time to time.

That time is now. NTS is hosting an all hands work party Saturday April 30.

Many hands make light - and quick - work. We usually get started around 8am and finish with a club provided light lunch in our pavilion. If we do it right, you'll be on your way back to loafing by 13:00 or so.

Club leadership will develop a project list prior to the meet up. We'll have a quick briefing in the morning. Make sure you sign the attendance sheet so you get credit for your service. Decide where you want to pitch in and that's about it. If you have any special ninja skills related to carpentry, electrical, plumbing, or equipment, let the organizers know.

Mostly, all we need is your elbow grease and good cheer.

Feel free to come only equipped with you enthusiasm. But here are some cool things to show off when you arrive to a NTS work party:

- Rakes. Both kinds, for leaves and gravel. We patch a lot of pot holes.

- Shovels. Did I mention the potholes?

- Hand tools:

hammer, wire cutters, screw drivers, hatchets (*really cool*), staple guns, measuring tape

- Power tools:

circular saw, drills, sawz-alls (super cool!)

- Gloves toss stray limbs and tear off old target backers with absolute confidence!

- Eye Protection - be smart, if you want to save your peeps for shooting, use safety glasses where it makes sense.

Thanks and see you there!

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