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Great Safety Tips for Kids & Beginners

Firearm sales have been hitting records which means there are many new owners out there that lack training, familiarity, or comfort handling with their new guns. That also means that more children will come in contact with mom's & dad's firearms. Stephanie Martin's son Derrick is 14 and has been taking his personal safety research seriously. He shared this helpful article from AmericanFirearms.Org that includes a lot of great tips and advice for both parents or those who may be new to handling firearms. Click the image to check it out:

Take a look, bookmark it, share it; it could help prevent serious accidents and provides good reminders to all of us on range and home safety fundamentals.

It's been added to our Links Page for future reference.

As a reminder, our Links Page as well as our Tips & Advice Page include plenty of other useful info on a variety of topics like shooting, reloading, archery and more. Check them out too!

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Keep up the good work, Derrick!

- Joe Kelly

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