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Women's Pistol

Tuesday nights at 6:30, starting the second week of September, you can find us on the range honing our shooting skills in a fun, non-competitive atmosphere.We shoot a three stage Bullseye relay also known as a National Match Course.

Don't get intimidated by the lingo, it is easy to catch on. The first course of fire allows the shooter ten minutes to fire a total of ten rounds at one slow-fire target. The target is then changed to a timed-fire target which has the bullseye circle at a slightly larger size. This second course of fire has a time limit of twenty seconds in which you fire five rounds. This is repeated a second time for a total of ten rounds fired at the timed fire target. Next, and everybody's favorite, is rapid fire. Once again the target is changed. Now you have ten seconds to fire five rounds. This also gets repeated for a total of ten rounds fired at the rapid-fire target.

The league is overseen by female NRA certified pistol instructors. New shooters need not feel uneasy if they think they don't have the experience to join a league. We all had to start somewhere. So why not with a group of women who enjoy the shooting sports and are more than happy to work with you as you learn.

All women with a New York State pistol permit, a .22 caliber handgun and ammunition are welcome. And of course, eye and hearing protection is mandatory. A relay takes thirty rounds of ammo and we typically shoot two relays each.

The cost for members of the club is $3.00 for the first relay and $1.00 for each subsequent relay. Non-member fees are $4.00 for the first relay and $1.00 for each subsequent relay.


We meet each Tuesday, except for Members meetings on first Tuesday, until the third week of April.

If you would like more information please call Sharon Simonik @ 518 368 3420


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